Emory University

* Industrial Psychology

* Philosophy 

Certifications include:


Zenger Miller


Inside Out Coaching

Dale Carnegie

​and more

Led ValleyCrest team to

5 consecutive 

Training Top 125 Awards


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Parke led our training efforts at ValleyCrest that grew from $125M to about $625M in revenue over a decade with profits expanding faster than that.  We thought of him as our Dean of Training!    He personally led training sessions for our critical branch manager roles (over 150 branches) and selectively engaged with our account management (600+ individuals) and business development teams.  His trademarks are:

(a) Drives results by focusing on our customers and our people and innovating relentlessly to constantly improve. Parke was a huge culture carrier- we knew wherever he went he would convey the culture and values of the organization in an accessible and authentic way,

(b) Commands a classroom – knows how to lead from the front of the classroom and facilitate/help from the back of the room when SMEs were in front – always focused on synthesizing and ensuring what was important got across,

(c) Incredibly client focused and as a result in constant demand across the organization.  He dedicated himself to understanding the business and the responsibilities and day to day challenges of the key roles in the organization and had a passion for just helping people get better, which his audience recognized and responded to – and as a result they dug in and learned. 

Finally – Parke knows how to entertain – if material got dry or the balance between lecture and application got off – he would step in and get the group moving.  I highly recommend Parke for training roles in which you are looking for a passionate leader that will help build a productive culture and will care deeply and deliver results.