We do 100’s of meetings a year. Let us do what we do best so you can do what you do best


   Flexible support from all in management and coordination to invisible support            

   Are you asking key team members to where one more hat?  ADVANCE can do all the leg 

   work and manage the entire process within the budget you establish before the event

   ADVANCE focuses on supporting your brand and meeting themes throughout

   We have special relationships with resorts and other meeting venues that can save you money

   ADVANCE will advise you on creating an agenda and flow that maximizes each participants  

   experience, the impact of the message you want delivered, and the ability to sustain the goal long 

   after the meeting is adjourned.  

   Why have another meeting where the participants talk about the food more than the message….              

   Let ADVANCE be your host.

   Plans range from:
      -An "all in" package: ADVANCE does all the leg work, planning, orchestration, and facilitation

      -Invisible concierge service that keeps you focused on the message and us on the process



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