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    We tailor each training/coaching package to your needs. Workshops, team building events, one on one   

    coaching sessions and mutilevel follow up are a few ways we can engage in your teams success. 

                      Managing the Sales Process

                           -Having the right compensation package for your Sales Representative

                           -Choosing the right Sales Representative

                           -Improving your management skills and working with the Sales Representative

                           -Targeting the correct sales to create route density and increase profits

                           -Leveraging existing customers and building future opportunities

                      Focusing & Developing your Sales Representative 

                           -Negotiators are not born, it is a practiced skill

                           -Time management

                           -Targeting the right client for future business success

                           -Building long-term customer partnerships​

                           -Working with your Sales Representative as a team

                      Closing the Sale

                           -Having the right customer

                           -​Listening to the customer and becoming their sales assistant

                           -Conveying merit as a company to your customers

                           -Building a proposal that targets the customers needs

                           -Having the right close rate for the business