"It’s no coincidence we just closed a job for this Property Manager,

   following some of the processes  and procedures we’ve put into 

   place the past few months with you.  I have not shared his email 

   below with anyone, fearing the perception would be that of 

   arrogance, but I wanted to share it with you.  We got it because 

   Kevin worked closely with the Foreman, communicated with me in 

   terms of what reporting and proposals needed to be presented, 

   and the client got the information they needed.

   This is one of several success stories, but I wanted to say thank 

   you for your help.  I look forward to having you sit in on the 

   December 6th Branch Meeting"

       Tony S., GLG                Nov 01, 2016


As part of its commitment to creating an industry-leading learning program, Park West has partnered with highly regarded industry veteran and training expert Parke Kallenberg to assist in the development and delivery of courses.

Courses delivered during the academy’s first week included participants from all divisions, ranging from field personnel to executives. Going forward, the academy will focus on programs geared toward role-specific certification and advancement, but will also offer many opportunities for employees to satisfy various continuing education requirements. Future course development will include leadership, technology, language, professional skills and safety, among many others.

When asked about her first experience in the Learning Academy, Accounts Payable Manager and longtime employee Jesika Nguyen said, “It was fun and I learned a lot. I think it’s very special that we have an opportunity like this, and I can’t wait to attend my next class.”

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 "You are an awesome coach.  You were so

   generous with the group and I know that your 

   coaching led to some stunning improvements.

   Parke,  you are so engaging that I want to be

   in your class again.  You got everyone

   involved and onboard,  We all benefited."

    Katy Campbell, DDI       Oct. 02, 2014                                                                                                                                                 


  “Parke was a key resource when we were planning 

   a full reorganization of my team.  Because of his 

   excellent facilitation and use of the card sort 

   process, we were able to generate excitement and 

   enthusiasm for the change.  Not only that, the 

   entire team had input into the process and we 

   came out with a much better product than I could

   have ever developed on my own.  The card sort 

   process is great, but what made it invaluable was 

   Parke’s facilitation which kept the entire team 

   focused and engaged.”

     Carrie D., Sr. Manager, Learning & Development 

     Customer Care at a fortune 100 company


     Here is what the client's customer had to say:   

     "Probably the greatest single customer service

      experience I have ever had."   ​

​           Mike S., GGM        Oct. 04, 2016   


   "This was the best training session ever. Something

     I can use as soon as I go back to work!"     


       Dan H., GWG       June 21, 2016